Monday, July 07, 2008

The San Francisco Treat

I. Am. In. Love.

I had thought, nay was sure, that I had found my one true soul mate in Boston. But, suddenly and unexpectedly, another has come in to my life and I can't deny my feelings any longer.

Yes, it is true. I went to San Francisco for the first time this past weekend and I am smitten.

I've always found that cities are a lot like people. They have pulses and beating hearts. They can be moody. Sometimes you fall in and out of love with them as quickly as the fog rolls in over the bay. Sometimes they exceed your expectations and sometimes they disappoint. Spend enough time with them and they will almost always surprise you.

San Francisco swept me off my feet. (Almost literally, since it is quite windy there).

It's always interesting to visit a new place and see just how closely it matches the idea in your head. Based on what I knew of it, I thought San Francisco would be picturesque and that its residents would be quirky and maybe just a little smug about living in what is probably the most naturally beautiful and socially progressive city in the country. This turned out to be pretty accurate:

We spent our far too short time in the city being proper tourists. We watched fireworks over the water, ate chocolate in Ghirardelli Square, walked across Golden Gate Bridge, rode a cable car and browsed through the City Lights Bookstore (home to all the great beat poets such as Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg and Mike Myers in "So I Married An Axe Murderer"). It was all completely delightful, but I think the most quintessentially San Francisco moment of all occurred when I overheard this snippet of conversation spoken by two uber-trendy girls walking down the street in matching lace dresses, black tights and faux fur coats.

Girl #1: "I so do NOT over-medicate.
Girl #2: "WHATever, Jude."

Here are a few more photos of our San Francisco adventure.

A couple of other noteworthy items:

MANY thanks to Kelli for sending us a list of things to do in San Francisco so comprehensive that we hardly needed to consult the Time Out guide we had purchased. If you're ever looking for a career change, I see a future for you in travel guide writing my friend!

Also, if you happen to drop by my Facebook profile where the rest of the photos are posted, you may notice that I'm wearing the same black sweater in almost every picture. This particular sweater was purchased in a London H&M in 2002, and has been with me everywhere I've gone since then. It was tragically lost during a trip to Las Vegas in 2005 and then miraculously recovered. It's lightweight yet surprisingly warm. It goes with everything and can be easily folded up and transported in a shoulder bag.

If you yourself do not own the perfect travel sweater, I seriously suggest that you invest in one. Particularly if you are ever planning a trip to San Francisco, where layering is key.


Noelle said...

I have some of the same exact pictures from my San Fran trip this spring! Glad you had a nice time, and I love the snippet of conversation!

Kelli said...

So, the photo of you by the Bay Bridge? Would that mean you went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market Saturday AM???

So glad to hear you enjoyed the trip (I knew you would - how can you not in that city?) and am thrilled to know my recommendations came in handy. I started off with just a few thoughts for Matt and then just kept going and going and going...

I completely agree about the travel sweater. I have both the perfect travel sweater (dark purple, has been everywhere with me and is in 95% of the photos I have while I was in Europe) and recently acquired the perfect travel hoodie as well (dark grey, almost didn't buy it last August but so, so glad I did...)

Oh and one more thing. We might have to share the San Francisco soul mate okay? Good.

Matt said...

No shout-out for Hot Cookie? I'm shocked!

Lauren said...

I love San Fransisco! I went there once, only for a day, and swooned. It's such an interesting and neat city. I need to check out Boston next, seeing as (for some reason) I've never been there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really enjoy yours and am looking forward to reading more. It's so great to hear from you!

Kelli said...

Wait, you guys DID make it to Hot Cookie? NICE. VERY NICE.

I love their slogan - "we'll put something sweet in your mouth."

Aah, truth in advertising...

Kyle said...

It's frightening, how you seemed to do all the exact same things I did on my first trip to San Francisco. And now I'm a pro!

You clearly now have additional reasons to come to our wedding!

I love SF. I actually planned on moving up there before moving to Los Angeles. This place was supposed to be a weigh station, yet here I am.

Sarah said...

HA! I love the picture of the piano guy. He gives Boston's Trike Guy a run for his money.

How did you ever recover a sweater lost in Vegas?

Meghan said...

Kelli--You better believe we made it to hot cookie! We went on a mission to find it.

Kyle--Seriously, I don't know how you guys can tear yourselves away when you go up north.

Sar--I actually had left it in Jaime's car, so I guess the return of the sweater wasn't that miraculous. But I didn't know where I had lost it, so I was not expecting to see it again.

neetu said...

sarah, nobody gives trike guy a run for anything :). That guy is the ultimate shit.

And Meg you've peaked my interest bout san looks beautiful. And for some reason, I think of Mrs. Doubtfire every time I think of the city...

Matt said...

Neetu - is your love of Mrs. Doubtfire "fairly well-documented"?

neetu said...


It is now.